Develop the next generation of augmented reality powered, face controlled 3D avatars. Customizable portable film-quality cartoon characters.


Starting with film industry digital sculptors, we created a roster of animated cartoon characters. Characters needed to be maximally expressive to capture the performance generated by the user. We created a video chat and messaging app called ToonPack, where users could communicate with their friends, in-character, on iOS devices.

3D Sculpting • Facial Animation • Augmented Reality • iOS Development • Guidelines • Toolkits

Produced in partnership with Optoon


3D Avatars

ToonPack was built in native Swift using Scenekit and ARKit as well as custom built AR face-tracking libraries. The artwork was designed by artists who worked on Despicable Me, Minions and Ice Age. Special attention was given to the facial morphology in order to best match the expression made by a user.