Exploring new ways to bring your brand to life


The possibilities to express your brand enter new dimensions with the advent of spatial computing. Now your brand and message can come to life in immersive worlds with motion, sound and personal interactions. Virtual avatars allow your brand voice and personality to be readily interpreted and humanized. Specter Hall is passionate about crafting cinematic quality experiences for every aspect of your brand.

  • AR Advertising
    Unity Ad Network, Snapchat, Facebook, Google, iOS

  • VR/XR Experiences
    Unreal, Unity, Native iOS or Android development

  • Virtual Out of Home
    Location based AR experiences that activate a space

  • AI Agents and Chatbots
    Alexa advertising, custom built chatbots with personality

  • Virtual Influencers
    Give your brand a face with a transmedia 3D personality

  • Mixed Reality Activations
    Combine physical and digital interactions into one

  • Location Based Media
    Tell a story through the user’s location

  • 3D Avatars and Ambassadors
    Characters controlled through motion and facial capture



Geo-Location Events

Activate any location or series of locations with AR, video and audio. These mobile experiences can take almost any form including interactive walking tours, bar crawls, concert performances, scavenger hunts, museum tours, virtual games, virtual tour guide, conferences and branded experiences.

  • Scripted tours to interactive stories

  • On-demand data

  • Beacons, NFC or geo-fencing

  • iOS or Android, mobile web


3D Avatars

Give your brand some personality with a highly engaging, film-quality 3D avatar. Avatars can be pushed to your Snapchat or Facebook sites, used in stand alone apps, on-location photo booths or can even be autonomous AI powered agents that you can talk to. Also great for virtual conferencing and telepresence.

  • Native Apps, Snapchat filters, Facebook AR

  • AI powered chatbots that understand human speech

  • Face-controlled on iPhones and Android

  • Photorealistic avatar systems for virtual influencers

  • Telepresence and conferencing


Advanced Video

Make your video content come alive with interactive linkages between your web, mobile and social activations. Choose your own path adventures, VR and volumetric video production, websites and apps or location based media.

  • Interactive storytelling

  • Social video

  • Volumetric production

  • 360 and VR video