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Showtime needed a dynamic visual campaign for new series Billions. The goal was to highlight the two stars, the financial nature of the story and the setting of New York City.


Use large format, close and powerful imagery of the two stars, Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti combined with graphic images evoking the city and financial themes to frame the main characters’ titanic struggles. A multi-channel campaign that spread from traditional on-air to digital and social to location driven multimedia experiences.

Creative Direction • Graphic Design • Color • Type Design • Animation • Editorial• Compositing • Toolkits

Produced in partnership with Showtime Creative team


Fulton Street Campaign

This award-winning on-location video campaign consisted of over 50 synchronized video screens plus associated display advertising. Custom tools were developed in order to plan out how content on each of the 50 monitors would synchronize with each other.


Graphic Toolkits

We developed several toolkit for series packaging. Season One was all about the video imagery combined with views of the city. Season 2 added in stark 3D lines that called to mind financial charts and graphs.



Don’t mess with these guys! Two titanic egos ready to battle. Finance vs. government. Key imagery, style and tone was used across all channels, including on-air, social, web, print or outdoor.